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Provides design freedom and sturdiness. Take your ideas to the next level, with half the weight. Futaba's CFRP PLATE.
What is Futaba's CFRP PLATE?

What is Futaba's CFRP PLATE?

Futaba's CFRP PLATE, a new thick CFRP plate material developed by Futaba, is the world's first material to combine the properties of resin, including light weight and heat insulation, with high strength equivalent to that of aluminum.

Processing sample

CFRP plate up to 45 mm thick.

Futaba's CFRP PLATE is made of felt-like carbon fibers, and can be produced as thick plates with fewer layers than the CFRP materials used in conventional carbon sheets.

Feature 1

Enlargement of processed samples

Enables precise processing under cutting conditions equivalent to those for metals. 

Futaba's CFRP PLATE has mitigated the problems of low processability and high cost associated with conventional CFRP materials. This versatile material is ideal for a wider range of applications.

​Feature 2

Weight Comparison

Half the specific gravity of aluminum

Despite its light weight, Futaba's CFRP PLATE offers tensile strength approximately 1.3 times greater than aluminum alloys.

Feature 3

Comments from a Professional Engineer

This “light and fast” solution offers new options and possibilities.

Futaba's CFRP PLATE is a new material offering a range of advantages, including light weight, low thermal expansion, nonmagnetic properties, high vibration absorption, and high X-ray transmission, making it useful for reducing the weight of machinery and products. In particular, it can be a lifesaver when you want to increase throughput by improving speed and positioning control under various constraints on the design and manufacturing of equipment and products. In addition to weight, and size reductions, and the accompanying reduction in energy consumption, these various properties not found in metals extend the possibilities in various applications, including semiconductor manufacturing equipment and medical appliances.

Makoto Nagano

Professional Engineer, Japan, certified by the Institution of Professional Engineers, Japan

Nagano Professional Engineer Office CEO

Makoto Nagano

Examples of applications

Examples of applications

Various example applications of Futaba's CFRP PLATE are provided here to help in decisions over whether to introduce Futaba's CFRP PLATE.The material is highly recommended for use an alternative to metal, to reduce weight.

Reduces weight of six-axis robot components
Industrial machinery and robots

Reduces weight of six-axis robot components

This example shows weight reduction achieved for an end effector component. The lower weight also improves production efficiency.

Reduces the weight of robot hand components
Industrial machinery and robots

Reduces the weight of robot hand components

Increased workpiece payloads attributable to lighter hand components eliminates the need for large robots and the corresponding capital investment. The reduced weight also reduces power consumption.

Reduces the weight of conveyor guide rails
Conveyor systems

Reduces the weight of conveyor guide rails

Reducing the weight of guide rails doubles the conveying speed and increases production efficiency.

Use in breadboard processing
Optical instruments

Use in breadboard processing

Compared to aluminum breadboards, breadboards made of Futaba's CFRP PLATE offer lower reflectance over a broader range of wavelengths. The material is ideal for breadboards for optical experiments, base plates for precision instruments, and other assembly applications.

Reduces the weight of jigs for large product assemblies
Positioning jigs

Reduces the weight of jigs for large product assemblies

Use of this material reduces the weight of load bearing assembly jigs. The lighter weight achieved reduces the strength required for operation by workers, especially women, and also improves the work environment and boosts productivity.

Background of new material development

Background of new material development

 Based on our 70 years of extensive commercial experience and industrial machinery design and manufacturing experience since our founding, we have developed this new material meeting the needs of a broad range of applications.

 For our customers, we offer comprehensive services ranging from building prototypes to providing test environments and production systems essential for introducing the new material.

Developer of Futaba's CFRP PLATE

 Features of Futaba Corporation

 Three major business areas

Futaba Corporation is listed on the Prime Market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange and operates the following businesses: 

  • Display business, including organic ELs and touch panels

  • Radio communication service business for radio-controlled vehicles and drones

  • Production equipment business, including mold equipment and metal materials

 Company policy: Making our own
 equipment for our own products

Based on the company policy of making our own equipment for our own products, we have developed and designed the equipment for all our divisions for many years.

 Fully organized introduction system for  new material

Based on our experience introducing Futaba's CFRP PLATE within our company, we offer a fully organized system for introducing the new material, including testing environments, and are ideally positioned to provide wide-ranging support for customers seeking to introduce the new material.



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