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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Is round shape possibole?

A. Possible. In addition to milling, we also have track records of processing with water jet and lathes.

Q. Are there any processing methods that cannot be done?

A. Wire EDM and press punching are not applicable.

Q. What sizes are supported?

A. As follows:
Thickness: 10mm to 30mm *Please consult us regarding sizes below 10mm and above 30mm.
Maximum size of square shape: 300 mm x 450 mm
Maximum size of round shape: Φ450mm

Q. Can it achieve the same processing accuracy as metal materials?

A. FUTABA's CFRP is broadly classified as a type of plastic. Therefore, please consider it as having processing accuracy similar to that of plactics. It would depend on the size and shape, but our target is ±20 to 50μm. We would be happy to discuss your specific requirements in detail by reviewing drawings or other specifications. Please feel free to contact us for further inquiries.

Q. Carbon fiber materials are generally recogonized as difficult-to-machine materials. As for FUTABA's CFRP, may it also require specified tools?

A. In the case of general CFRP, diamond tools are often used. However, for FUTABA's CFRP, it is capable of being processed with dedicated CFRP tools as well as with ultra-hard tools typically used for processing metal materials. When selecting tools for processing by yourself, please consider processing accuracy and tool lifespan.

Q. Is tapping possible?

A. Tapping is possible on both flat surfaces and side surfaces. Processing with Helisert is also available. However, for side surfaces, we can only perform tapping up to half of the plate thickness, and it should be at least 5mm away from the edges.

Q. How tight can the bolts be fastened?

A. The tightening torque should be 1.0T series for flat surfaces and 0.5T series for side surfaces.

Q. Can FUTABA's CFRP be milled or grinded? What is the surface roughness like?

A. Yes, both are available. As a guideline, the surface roughness(Ra) for milling is typically 3.2 or below, while for grinding, it is typically 1.6 or below.

Q. Can processed products be made into any shape?

A. Generally, it is possible for the materials that are suitable for cutting processing. However, the specifics would depend on the drawings or specifications provided. Please consult us while referencing the detailed drawings etc. to discuss the feasibility.


Q. What kind of resin is used as the base material for FUTABA's CFRP?

A. A thermosetting resin called epoxy.

Q. What is the difference between FUTABA's CFRP and general CFRP?

A. General CFRP typically uses woven carbon fiber, but FUTABA's CFRP uses non-woven ones. As a result, FUTABA's CFRP is easier to process, but in terms of strength, general CFRP is superior. Please use FUTABA's CFRP within the required strength limits.


Q. What is the operating environment temperature for FUTABA's CFRP?

A. The recommended usage temprerature is below 100℃. Its glass transition temperature is approximately 120℃, so if exposed to tempratures higher than that, its strength and other properties may deteriorate. 
As for the sub-zero temperature range, it can be inferred that FUTABA's CFRP is suitable for use in the low- temperature environents, considering its usage in equipment that maintain liquid nitrogen.

Q. What is the specific gravity of FUTABA's CFRP?

A. It is appoximately 1.3. Aluminum is about 2.7, so FUTABA's CFRP is roughly half that of aluminum.

Q. What is the Vf (Fiber Volume content ) of FUTABA's CFRP?

A. It's about 30%. General CFRP is about 50-60%.

Q. Is FUTABA's CFRP  isotropic or anisotropic?

A. Like CFRP, FUTABA's CFRP also uses anisotropic materials where the properties vary depending on the direction. By combining fibers in the 0°and 90°directions, it achieves a pseudo-isotropic behavior, but it cannot achieve full isotropy in all dorections, such as 360° directions.


Q. Is it possible to purchase by plate?

A. Plate orders are available starting from 1 piece. The plates can be customized according to your specified dimensions. Please provide the necessary measurements and specifications for the plate, and we will assist you accordingly.

Q. Can individuals place orders?

A. We accept payment in advance. Along with the quotation, we will provide you with the payment details for the bank transfer. If you are interested, please contact us from the "Inquiry" section.


Q. Is it possible to export?

A. We can issue a Parameter Sheet upon request, so please contact us from the "Inquiry" section if you need. As for the export procedures, we kindly ask you to handle them on your own.

Q. What is the price of FUTABA's CFRP?

A. It is approximately 3 times the price per volume compared to aluminum, and about half the price of woven CFRP based on material basis. As for processed products, the processing time is nearly the same as aluminum, so the price difference narrows further. There are cases where quantity discounts can be applied for the same shape. So for specific prices, please feel free to contact us from the "Inquiry" section. 

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