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Terms of Service / Disclaimer

These Terms of Service (hereinafter the “Terms”) provide for the terms and conditions applied when you use this website (hereinafter the “Site”). When using the Site, please read the full text of these Terms, and use it only after you agree to these terms and conditions.

1. Application

(1) These Terms apply to all relations between a customer and the Company concerning the use of the Site.
(2) If any individual content in the Site provides for separate terms and conditions of use, a customer will also read such terms and conditions carefully, and will

   use the content after having agreed to them.

2. Definition

The following terms used herein have the meanings set forth in the respective items:

(1) The Company means Futaba Corporation.

(2) The Site means the website with the domain operated by the Company (including any website of the Company after change if its domain or content is changed).

(3) The Registered User means a customer, individual or corporation, who is registered as a user of any content in the Site in accordance with “3. Registration.”

3. Registration

In using the Site, the following conditions apply to a Registered User:

(1) If an applicant for registration falls under any of the following items, the Company may refuse to register the person with no obligation whatsoever to disclose

   the reason:

   (i) When all or part of the registered information submitted to the Company contains false or erroneous information or omission

   (ii) When the Company deems that the person is an antisocial force (meaning an organized crime group or other equivalent persons; the same applies

    hereinafter) or is involved with an antisocial force

   (iii) When the person has ever had their registration revoked

   (iv) When the Company otherwise deems it inappropriate to register the person

(2) A Registered User will notify the Company without delay of any change to the registered information.

(3) A Registered User will properly manage and keep the password and user ID of the Site at their own responsibility, will not have them used by a third party, and

   will not loan, transfer, make entry of a name change on, sell or purchase them.

(4) If a Registered User falls under any of the following grounds, the Company may temporarily suspend the provision of the Site for the Registered User or revoke

   the registration of the Registered User without advance notice or demand. The Company will in no way be responsible for any damage caused to the Registered

   User as a result of any act of the Company under this paragraph.

   (i) When the person violates any provision herein

   (ii) When it turns out that any item of the registered information is false

   (iii) When the Company otherwise deems it inappropriate to register the person as a Registered User or to continue the contract for the use of the Site

(5) A Registered User may cancel the registration as a Registered User by notifying the Company through the procedure designated by the Company.

(6) The Company will handle user information of a Registered User according to separate privacy policy, and a Registered User agrees that the Company may

   handle the user information of the Registered User according to the privacy policy. The Company may use and publish at its own discretion any information and

   data provided by a Registered User to the Company as statistical information in such form that does not identify the individual, and a Registered User will not

   raise any objection to it.

4. Prohibitions

In using the Site, a Registered User will not engage in any act that falls under, or the Company finds falls under any of the following items:

(1) An act that violates legislation or relates to a criminal offense

(2) A fraudulent or intimidating act against the Company or a third party

(3) An act that is or is likely to be contrary to public order and morals

(4) An act that infringes or is likely to infringe any intellectual property rights, image rights, privacy rights, reputation, or other rights or interests of the Company

   or a third party

(5) An act of sending any information to the Company or a third party through the Site, which falls under, or the Company finds falls under any of the following


   (i) Information containing an expression that is excessively violent or cruel

   (ii) Information containing a computer virus or other harmful computer programs

   (iii) Information containing an expression that damages the reputation or credibility of the Company or a third party

   (iv) Information containing an antisocial expression

   (v) Information containing an expression that may cause discomfort to other people

(6) An act that places excessive burden on the network, system and the like of the Site

(7) Reverse engineering or any other act of analyzing any software, system and the like provide by the Company

(8) An act that is likely to interfere with the operation of the Site

(9) Unauthorized access to any network, system and the like of the Company

(10) An act of identity theft of a third party

(11) An act of using the ID or password of another user

(12) An act that causes disadvantage, damage or discomfort to the Company or any other third party

(13) An act of providing benefits to an antisocial force

(14) An act of attempting any of the preceding items

(15) Any other acts that the Company deems is inappropriate

5. Suspension of the Site

If any of the following items apply, the Company may suspend or discontinue providing the Site in whole or in part without advance notice to Registered Users:

(1) When conducting urgent inspection or maintenance work on the computer system for the Site

(2) When it is impossible to operate the Site due to a failure, operational error, excessive concentration of access, unauthorized access or cracking of a computer,

   telecommunications line and the like

(3) When it is impossible to operate the Site due to an earthquake, lightning, fire, windstorm and flood damage, power failure, natural disaster or other force


(4) When the Company otherwise deems it necessary to suspend or discontinue it

6. Attribution of Rights

(1) All intellectual property rights pertaining to the Site are vested in the Company or persons who grant a license to the Company, and the permission to use the

   Site hereunder will not imply grant of a license by the Company or the said persons for intellectual property rights pertaining to the Site.

(2) The Company sometimes receives ideas or proposals from customers concerning products and services (hereinafter “Proposals”). On the other hand, the

   Company also conducts research and development on its own in various fields, and an undisclosed idea independently conceived by the Company may be

   very similar by coincidence to a Proposal from a customer. This may give rise to misunderstandings or disputes between a customer and the Company. To

   prevent such contingencies from happening, please understand the following points.

(3) We do not receive Proposals from customers except where we specifically solicit them on the Site. When we solicit Proposals from customers, we request they

   are provided, as a rule, in writing. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

(4) Should a customer provide us with a Proposal, we will deem that the customer has agreed to the following before sending it to us. Please understand this in


   (i) The Company are under no obligation to keep confidential any Proposal sent from a customer.

   (ii) The Company are under no obligation to consider, evaluate or adopt any Proposal sent from a customer.

   (iii) Should the Company adopt an idea that is identical or similar to a Proposal received from a customer in whole or in part, the Company will in no way be

     responsible for the person who provides it, including the payment of compensation.

7. Changes to the Site

The Company has the right to change the Site or these Terms anytime without advance notice. A customer will be governed by the latest Terms that are in force when the customer uses the Site.

8. Disclaimer

The Company will not be responsible for any information on the Site in terms of the following points:

(1) That all displayed information is accurate, safe and usable

(2) That displayed information is fit or functional for a particular purpose

(3) That displayed information is always the latest information

(4) That information is free from computer viruses or other harmful programs, and it is otherwise safe

(5) Any damage caused to a customer due to a change or deletion of information on the Site, or suspension, interruption or discontinuation of its publication

(6) Any other matters concerning any websites that a customer accesses through links

9. Inquiries

(1) Please submit any questions, communications or requests through “Contact” concerning the Site and the Terms that you may have.

(2) When the Company gives communication or notification to the email address or any other point of contract reported by a customer under “3. Registration” or

   in “Inquiries,” the customer will be deemed to have received the communication or notification.

10. Severability

Even if any provision herein or part of it is held invalid or unenforceable under the Consumer Contract Act or other legislation, the remainder of the provisions herein and that of the provision partially held invalid or unenforceable shall remain in full force.

11. Governing Law and Competent Court

(1) These Terms shall be governed by the laws of Japan.

(2) Any dispute arising out of or in connection with these Terms shall be brought in the Chiba District Court as the agreed exclusive jurisdiction of the first


12. Links to the Site

(1) If you wish to link to the Site, please contact us in advance from “Inquiries.” We will reply to you after reviewing the content. However, absence of a

   response from the Company does not imply that the Company consents to the link.

(2) Please set a link to the homepage of the Company( A direct link to any content, images, etc. will not be accepted

   because this may become a broken link.

(3) The corporate name must be either “Futaba Corporation” or “Futaba,” and correctly indicated in the text format (letters). An indication of the name as a

   logotype or use of other trademarks will not be accepted.

(4) You must not place any link that falls under any of the following:

   (i) A link from a website with such content that slanders or damages the credibility of the Company, its affiliated companies, their officers or employees, or their

     products or services

   (ii) A link from a website that publishes illegal content (including content that may be illegal), or that is or may be involved in illegal activities (including

    activities that may be illegal)

   (iii) A link that uses a frame or any other method in such a way that it will be unclear that it is content of the Company, and may mislead a viewer into thinking

    that all or part of the content is that of a third party other than the Company

   (iv) Any other links the Company deems inappropriate

(5) If it turns out that a link is in violation of any of the above regardless of the cause, and the Company requests the removal of it, you must immediately remove

   the link.

13. Linked Sites

Any content on a website of any third party other than the Company linked from or to the Site (hereinafter a “Linked Site”) is controlled under responsibility of the third party and is not controlled by the Company. Please use a Linked Site in accordance with the terms and conditions of the service provided in the Linked Site. The Company will in any way be responsible for neither the content or accuracy of a Linked Site, nor any damage caused as a result of using them. Even if it is linked to the Site, it does not imply that the Company recommends the use of the Linked Site, or any products, services, companies, etc. displayed on the Linked Site, or that the Company has any partnership or other special relationship with the Linked Site.

14. Personal Information

Please refer to the Privacy Policy for the handling of your personal information.

15. Trademarks and Copyrights

(1) As a rule, all names, trademarks, logotypes, service marks and other indications displayed on the Site (hereinafter “Trademarks”) are property of the

   Company or its affiliated companies or are used under license. Some of the corporate names and product names of third parties displayed on the Site are

   trademarks or other intellectual properties of the respective companies.

(2) All information published on the Site is protected under the Copyright Act, every kind of treaties or other legislation. Unless specifically permitted, the use

   (including reproduction, alteration, uploading, posting, transmission, distribution and sale) of any information provided on the Site for any purposes beyond the

   scope of private use for non-commercial purposes or the limits explicitly permitted under legislation constitutes a criminal offense under legislation, including

   an infringement of copyright under the Copyright Act.

(3) While the Site provides some content whose data can be downloaded by customers as a service, the Company will not transfer any rights to the data so

   downloaded, or grant any rights of the Company or third parties under copyrights, patent rights, trademark rights or any other intellectual property rights.

(4) Without the advance written consent of the Company or the respective licensors (if content is published under a license granted to the Company), or unless its

   use is explicitly permitted under these terms and conditions of service, any unauthorized use of any Trademark or any other content provided on the Site is

   strictly prohibited.

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